Launching Careers in the Beauty Industry
Through Our Courses

The Limitless Beauty Academy offers a variety of master and fundamental permanent beauty classes.

Our one-on-one training sessions are hands-on and built to equip you with all the needed skills and accommodate all of your questions.

Classes Offered

Our classes aim to cover the basics of permanent beauty before diving into the more specific procedures that you are interested in. The current line up of available classes include:

Permanent Makeup Fundamentals

It’s absolutely essential to learn the basics of tattooing in permanent makeup. This is the stepping stone to learning new techniques and having a clear understanding of this artwork.

Our lesson includes the method of applying permanent makeup, different devices used in permanent makeup, and a start to color theory. We will also cover who may and may not benefit from certain procedures, safety in the workplace, blood borne pathogens, needle configurations, and more!

Limitless Lip Blush

Master the latest trend in permanent makeup that has become one of the most popular procedures and cosmetic tattooing. In this class, you will learn how to view the famous Aquario Lip Style along with our own technique, The Limitless Beauty Lips. Our method uses color to create the appearance of fuller lips in an ombre style.

Limitless Liner

At our lessons, you can learn how to do various eyeliner application techniques, ensure pigment longevity, and avoid other common mistakes. We will also teach you how to apply the beautiful Stardust eyeliner.

Aside from sharing the best methods, we will also give you insights on choosing the perfect eyeliner based on your client’s eye shape and which practices to stay away from and why. You can also gain knowledge about how an eyeliner tattoo can be dangerous for a client and what you should do instead.

3D Areola Restoration

Learn to use light and dark pigments to create a 3D illusion of an areola and nipple for those that had theirs removed during surgery. Additionally, we will teach you how to color-match the pigment to each patient with to restore the natural appearance of their breasts.

Corrections / Advanced Color Theory

These two classes go hand in hand because you cannot correct colors unless you understand the color theory. Corrections can be done on any micropigmentation that is implanted in the dermis such as on brows, eyeliners, or lips. This class is essential to learning new permanent makeup procedures.

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