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Services and Procedures

Please remember all procedures come with free consultation and touch-ups. AGAIN, LADIES do your homework. Washington law does not protect our clientele letting people work without proper education and certification. This puts YOU at risk. If people are offering these procedures at low prices, there is a reason why! It is expensive in our field to keep legal so please make sure they have the appropriate state licenses, artist licenses. Shop license. Bloodborne pathogen permit, Certifications, and proper insurance.

Scalp Micropigmentation / SMP

Creates the appearance of fuller, thicker hair with just a few appointments.
Hair loss can be an emotional experience that affects the way a person feels about themselves, the way they live their life, socializing, and self-confidence in general. Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that deposits pigment into the scalp. This creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help restore the look of fuller and thicker hair.
Price TBD

Men or Women’s Hair Density

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a hair tattoo that is a non-surgical, superficial cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a freshly shaven head on a bald head or a procedure that adds density to a thinning head of hair in men or women. This helps women and men with their feelings about hair loss giving them a huge boost of confidence.
Price TBD


This is a manual method of tattooing the eyebrows with a hand tool that uses a blade formed of tiny needles. It is amazingly natural and looks exactly like hair. There are many different sizes and shapes of micro blades that all produce a different sought-after look. Microblading produces a beautiful and natural appearance. Unfortunately, microblading isn’t for everyone. There are pros and cons to this procedure and not everyone is a great candidate for it.
Price 650+Tax

A beautiful combination of Microblading hair strokes and soft pixel shading to add natural dimension. This fills in the brows in a soft way that continues to keep the microblading the primary feature of the brow. The soft shading is light, soft, and blended naturally within the hair strokes.
Price 700+Tax

This is very similar to microblading but instead uses a machine to create ultra-fine hair strokes that blend seamlessly into your existing brow hair. It creates a natural, long-lasting, eyebrow that works great with all skin types.
Price 700+Tax

Eyebrows that have a soft powdered effect that looks very similar to powdered makeup. This shading technique has been used for many years in permanent makeup.
Price 700+Tax

A ‘Combo’ brows are one of the most popular in cosmetic tattooing. This brow consists of two permanent makeup techniques in combination to make a beautiful brow. Microblading is used to fill in the brow naturally to the desired shape. Then the powder shading is used to fill in the brow that adds dimension and structure.
Price 700+Tax

The Hybrid brow is very similar to the combo brow. The Hybrid brow uses soft shading micropigmentation to give structure and fill in the brow area. A few machine hair strokes are mixed in at the front of the brow for a gorgeous look. The depth and fullness of the brow can be done multiple ways and are customized for each client.
Price 700+Tax

The Ombre shading technique uses pixelized shading to softly shape the eyebrow to the desired shape. This type of brow has a light to a dark gradient that gives the ombre effect. The tail of the eyebrow is darker and fades to a lighter beginning eyebrow. This eyebrow is great for all skin types and looks beautiful on everyone.

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Eyeliner added to the top and bottom of the eye. No more smeared liner from rain, sweating, watery eyes, or summer swimming.

The gorgeous' Academy’ Stardust eyeliner traditionally uses two or more colors to create a pixelized shaded liner look. This can create anything from a smoky eyeliner to an eyeliner/shadow combination. This eyeliner technique can be customized in many ways to create just what the client wants.

An elegant liquid liner appearance gives you a timeless effect.

A very small line right along the lashes creates the appearance of thicker, darker lashes. Permanent makeup is applied directly to the area throughout the eyelashes, not making a true eyeliner but just enhancing that area.

Eyeliner is applied with micropigmentation to either the top or the bottom of the eye.


This is micropigmentation of the lip that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color. It improves the shape of the lip making them symmetrical. This procedure gives definition and the illusion of fuller plumper lips. In fact, just the procedure of lip blushing creates collagen in your lips and enhances them. This procedure is very popular due to the beautiful results.

My own beautiful micro pigmentation technique adds an ombre effect to the lips and gives extra definition with the use of highlight and shading with color.

This is not your 90s lip liner! This is my own modern micro pigmentation technique that not only lines the lips but softly shades the liner into the lips, so it does not have such a stark appearance of that 90s lip liner look.

Aquarelle lips are a form of lip blushing that blends color into the lip for a soft airbrush effect. The aquarelle technique does not define the edges of the lips. This gives an illusion of not wearing any makeup. This effect is achieved by shading and blending the edges. The color is built up in several passes to achieve this blurred, airbrushed effect and depending on the clients' wishes how pigmented they want the lips to be.

Give yourself a statement beauty mark that you have always wanted or enhance one that you already have.

Get the natural-looking freckles you've always wanted. This has become a popular procedure within the last few years. I don't believe in making people look like a doll but giving them natural-looking freckles that would find on someone who really has freckles.

I am certified in five different methods of tattoo removal. There are two different methods that I believe work the fastest without scarring. The pricing of this procedure differs depending on the size of the tattoo.
Price TBD

Correction Specialist

The correction of old permanent makeup can differ greatly from person to person. Some correction procedures just require a slight color correction. Others are way more advanced and take way more time. Every single client differs. If somebody has had permanent makeup before this new session, it will be considered a correction.
Price TBD on Correction

Camouflaging scars, burns, or vitiligo to blend with the surrounding skin.
Price TBD

Cover stretch marks that cause a loss of confidence or insecurities combining two different techniques. One of them is micro-needling/micro-channeling or the Procel treatment. Next, we use a very delicate form of micropigmentation to cover what is left of someone’s stretch marks. This procedure works wonders but doesn’t cover heavily.
Price TBD

A treatment where a specific kind of pigment is implanted and the top layers of your skin give it a beautiful glow like applying BB cream.
200 or 2 Treatments for 350

This is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates your body's natural ability to generate collagen and elastin to create healthy skin. It stimulates the outermost layers of the skin to jumpstart your body's natural process. There are many amazing benefits to micro-needling such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scar treatment, sun damage, anti-aging, shrinking pores, it improves the effectiveness of topical products, fighting stretch marks, and rosacea reduction along with many more.
Price TBD

This is a 3D tattoo procedure to replicate the areola and nipple. This technique is for anyone who has had total loss, irregularity, or inconsistency in their areola and nipple after any type of breast reconstructive surgery. Many times, this treatment is confidence-building and life-changing for people who have gone through breast cancer treatments.

Price TBD / Covered by Insurance