Keely Clevenger, PCC


Licensed and Certified in Washington State, Beauty Technician Keely Clevenger, PCC has many talents and proficiencies in a multitude of permanent beauty disciplines. Keely Say’s “I am an artist first and foremost and this was a natural progression for me.”  there is no doubt Keely and Limitless Beauty will help you design and provide the perfect permanent makeup.

Limitless Beauty is well renowned having won Northwest’s Best Cosmetic Artist in 2017 and 2018.

Limitless Beauty stands by our philosophy, to start conservatively and work your way up. After all, its much easier to add more than to remove later.



This procedure can be done a few different ways. One is a saline dermabrasion method. There is also the Xtract method and a fairly new method which may require way less treatments depending on the person. Saline method may require up to 6-12 treatments depending on how big the tattoo is and how deep. Many will only require a few procedures.

Lash Enhancement

Do you have light lashes? Do you not have much hair left in them? This is for you! It will enhance your eyes and make your lashes look fuller.


Embrace your natural beauty and add a few more freckles for that sun kissed appearance!

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